Gun shop auction attracts bidders.


CARROLLTON, Ohio – Larry Garner, auctioneer, is a specialist in firearms auctions, and his recent series of gun shop consignments have been extremely attractive to gun buyers, who come from all over the East to pick up the scarce and rare guns that are coming from various estates.

On Oct. 6, the Garner firearms auction featured another consignment from the Eagle News Bun Shop of Kenosha, Wis., that included 250 guns from the estate of a Michigan collector.

Other guns were consigned from Ohio, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, and the Carolinas to add up to an impressive line-up of guns being sold.

More than 160 bidders came from Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, North Carolina, and West Virginia, as well as from Ohio to bid on these guns.

High seller was a 1863 Sharps carbine with a saddle scabbard and letters that brought $3,500. An 1873 Winchester rifle accompanied with a letter from the Cody Museum in Wyoming sold for $1,500, and a Colt .45 1860 Army issue with Richard conversion for $1,350.

A matched pair of Remington 870 wingmaster shotguns in 410 gauge and 28 gauge sold for $850 each. A Desert Eagle 44 for $900, a Browning A-5 12 gauge shotgun for $500, and a Winchester 1890 22 rifle for $400.

The next Garner auction in November will feature a consignment from a California gun shop.


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