Holstein youth earn national recognition


BRATTLEBORO, Vt. — Holstein Association USA recognized several junior members for their notable accomplishments of breeding and owning high performing Holstein cattle.

The awards were presented during the recent National junior Holstein Convention, July 7-11, in Indianapolis.

Top junior members

Six youth have been recognized with the highest honor earned by junior Holstein members, the Distinguished junior Member finalist award.

This year’s finalists are: Rocco Cunningham, Calif.; Carissa Doody, Md.; Isaac Haagen, Pa.; Charles Hamilton, Wis.; Hayley Potts, Va.; and Michael Schmitt, Minn.

The finalists will receive annual renewed memberships to Holstein Association USA.

Breeding, production

Six awards are distributed based on type and milk production, designed to reward and encourage junior members to continue achieving high standards in their registered Holstein breeding programs.

Excellent cows

The Breeder of an Excellent Cow award is presented to junior members who have bred and owned a cow officially classified Excellent on or after Jan. 1, 2011.

The 2013 recipients are: Kaicey Conant, Maine; Rachel Craun, Va.; Annie Dell, Md.; Aaron Doll, Pa.; Samantha George, Pa; Charles Hamilton, Wis.; Ashlie Hardy, Maine; Austin Head, N.Y.; Chelsea Jones, N.Y.; Zach Klinger, Pa.; Jessica Pralle, Wis.; Nicole Pralle, Wis.; Ryan Pralle, Wis.; Jocelyn Riser, Pa.; Ruben Schaapman, Ga.; Emily Shaw, Pa.; Rebecca Shaw, Pa.; and Charlotte Simpson, Pa.

The Breeder of a Multiple E Excellent Cow award is received by junior members who have bred and owned a cow who has been designated with additional “E’s” throughout her lifetime. Breeders earning the award this year include:

Matthew Gray, N.Y.; Charles Hamilton, Wis.; David Hardesty, Jr., Va.; Chelsea Jones, N.Y.; Jordan London, Pa.; Sam McWilliams, Pa.; Rose Morian, Pa.; Hayley Potts, Va.; and Rebecca Shaw, Pa.

Progressive Breeder

The National Junior Progressive Breeder honor recognizes cattle bred by junior members that meet high production and classification standards for their age group. Every cow qualifying receives a star and junior members acquire a star for each cow they have bred which meets the criteria. Those accumulating five or more stars over their career receive a plaque.

Five-star honorees: Carissa Doody, Md.; Tyler Herrington, N.Y.; and Karch Manley, N.Y.
Six-star honorees: Emily Irwin, Ill. and Jordan Siemers, Wis.
Seven-star honorees: Hayley Potts, Va. And Jocelyn Riser, Pa.
Earning his ninth star is Jordan London, Pa., and earning her 11th star is Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Wis.
Earning his 13th star is David Hardesty Jr., Va.; 15th star, Katie Osborne, Pa.; 19-star honorees: Jessica Pralle, Wis., and Ryan Pralle, Wis.

30,000-pound cow

The National 30,000 Pound Cow award is presented to youth owning a cow who has produced over 30,000 pounds of milk in 305 days or less.

This year’s recipients are: Isaac Haagen, Pa.; Charles Hamilton, Wis.; Miquela Hanselman, N.Y.; Ashlie Hardy, Maine; Tyler Herrington, N.Y., Emily Irwin, Ill.; Chelsea Klinger, Pa.; Zach Klinger, Pa.; Bria Koester, Ill.;
Karch Manley, N.Y.; Sam McWilliams, Pa.; Cody Miller, Pa.; Mitchell Musser, Pa.; Travis Nelson, N.Y., Jessica Nolt, Pa.; Kathryn Osborne, Pa.; Victoria Peila, Pa.; Amber Pownall, Pa.; Jessica Pralle, Wis.; Nicole Pralle, Wis.; Ryan Pralle, Wis.; Hannah Riser, Pa.;
Jocelyn Riser, Pa.; Kalli Sherer, Ore.; Connor Siemers, Wis.; Jacob Siemers, Wis.; Jordan Siemers, Wis.; Josh Siemers, Wis.; Lauren Siemers, Wis.; Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Wis.; Katie Stewart, Iowa; Austin Vandertie, Wis.; and Nicole Wright, Wis.

150,000-pound cow

The National 150,000-Pound Cow award is earned by junior members who own a cow who has produced over 150,000 pounds of milk in her lifetime.

This year’s honorees are:
Heather Alspaugh, Pa.; Quinn Cashell, Pa.; Rebecca Davis, Pa.; David Hardesty, Jr., Va.; Ashlie Hardy, Maine; Austin Head, N.Y.; Cassie Head, N.Y.; Nicole Head, N.Y., Kathryn Osborne, Pa.; Tyler Sattazahn, Pa.; and Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Wis.
Receiving the National 200,000 Pound Cow Award are: Austin Acel, Pa.; Tyler Herrington, N.Y.; Cody Miller, Pa.; Andy Pownall, Pa.; Jessica Pralle, Wis.; Ryan Pralle, Wis.; Zachary Stump, Pa.; and Tony Weier, Wis.


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