Hot temps, short rain plagues September


MILLPORT, Ohio – Like August, September didn’t show on paper what kind of month it was, according to Edwin R. Copeland, U.S. weather observer, reporting from his post in southern Columbiana County.

The area went with only 0.4 inches of rain in 21 days and had very hot weather. The rain that fell Sept. 24-25 measured 2.18 inches but “we need a lot more as the ground is still dry,” Copeland said.

Seven days saw temperatures above 90 degrees, making 42 days in the 90-degree range this summer.

According to Copeland’s memory, it was a summer like 1988 – though 1988 had some rain. Measurements show the area to be short 3.4 inches of precipitation for the year.

The high temperature for the month was 94 degrees recorded Sept. 9. The low temperature was 39 degrees recorded Sept. 24.

Copeland’s post made it to the average frost date, Oct. 3, without frost.

The 110-year averages for September are: 62.5 degrees, 2.79 inches of rain and 65 percent sunshine.

Averages for September 2002 are: 67.9 degrees, 3.33 inches of rain and 70 percent sunshine.


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