Ohio farm giveaway: Not quite there yet


The Farm and Dairy office has taken several calls lately from readers wondering the status of the Ashtabula County farm giveaway.

How it works

In late April, Farm and Dairy ran the story of Rose and Dennis Wallace and their unconventional plan to give away their farm instead of selling it.

Entrants are to send an essay detailing why they’d like to own the 43.5-acre property in southern Ashtabula County, and a $100 nonrefundable certified check for the entry fee.

The Wallaces said they’d accept 3,000 entries, and won’t give away the farm unless they receive that many.

The number will generate $300,000, to be used to pay off the home’s mortgage and to put a down payment on the Wallaces’ new home.

Not yet

Rose Wallace said the contest is far from over.

As of July 12, roughly 600 entries have been received, and entries still arrive each day, Wallace said.

“We’re going to keep going ’til we get there.”

For details on the contest and how to enter, visit http://winafarm.bravehost.com/.

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