Ohio State offers equine reproduction short courses


COLUMBUS – The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine will host two equine reproduction short courses in December.

The Equine Semen Short Course will be held Dec. 12. Registration fee is $175.

The one-day short course is designed for those owners managers and veterinarians interested in utilizing transported chilled semen for the 2003 breeding season, or for those interested in semen evaluation and artificial insemination.

Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate sperm motility, prepare semen slides for examination, extend semen, prepare semen for shipment and to practice artificial insemination.

Various containers and extenders for artificial insemination and chilled semen transport will be discussed.

Veterinarians will earn 8 hours of continuing education credits.

Second course. The Equine Breeding Management short course will be held Dec. 13-15.

Registration fee for the single course is $425. Registration for both courses is $550.

This course is designed to increase owners’ and breeders’ knowledge in the area of equine reproduction.

Primary speakers are known in their respective areas for clinical service, education and research. They share a common goal of providing you with the most up-to-date information and are more than willing to answer all questions.

The program is designed to provide information which can be immediately used upon return to the farm. The program is somewhat unique because of the laboratory time, which permits hands-on experience and direct participation.

Veterinarians can earn 17 hours of continuing education credits.

Register now. For more information or to register, call Rita Remy at 614-292-8727 or e-mail remy.1@osu.edu, or contact Walter Threlfall at 614-292-6661 or e-mail threlfall.1@osu.edu.


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