Ohio’s first peregrine falcon chicks hatch in Cleveland


COLUMBUS – The first peregrine falcon chicks of the 2005 season have hatched in Cleveland at The Cleveland Clinic and Terminal Tower sites; in Lakewood; and in the Village of Cleves, just west of Cincinnati.
According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife, at least two chicks each have been sighted at the Cleveland Clinic and Terminal Tower nests, and three of the five eggs in the Cleves nest have hatched.
The number at Lakewood is currently undetermined.
More hatchlings at other nests across the state are expected any day, including the Dayton nest.
There are currently 21 pairs of nesting peregrines across the state.
In 2004, 16 pairs were located in Ohio and 15 pairs nested successfully.
New pairs. Observers have identified new peregrine pairs in Eastlake and Youngstown this year. The Youngstown pair appears to be incubating eggs.
In Columbus, where a camera is set up to monitor falcon activity at the Rhodes Tower, “Victory” and “Orville” are incubating a nest of four eggs, ending a year of waiting and wondering.
Throughout 2004, the birds showed signs of courtship, but were thought to be too immature to reproduce.

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