Pa. farmers apply for fuel tax refund


HARRISBURG, Pa. – Any Pennsylvania resident who uses liquid fuels in agricultural production is eligible for a tax refund.
Last year, over $3 million was paid for 8,088 claims with an average refund of $376.
Refunds. Farmers must pay the fuel tax when they purchase gas, diesel fuel, and kerosene.
Each year they are permitted to petition the Board of Finance and Revenue for a refund of fuel tax dollars paid on fuel consumed in the production and harvesting of agricultural crops.
Make a claim. Each claim must include copies of paid receipts or a statement from the fuel dealer that show the number of gallons purchased, purchase dates, and verification that the state taxes (on liquid fuels and fuel use) were paid.
Be sure to separate receipts by date to reflect the different tax rates throughout the 2003-04 fiscal year.
Also, check all statements from fuel dealers to ensure that the tax charged is shown correctly on each statement.
Paper trail. Claim forms are available from the Board of Finance and Revenue, Motor Fuels Section, 1101 S. Front St., Suite 410, Harrisburg, PA 17104-2540.
Completed claim forms mailed to the Board of Finance and Revenue must be postmarked no later than Sept. 30, 2004.
For more information contact the board at 717-787-6534 or e-mail


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