Reader concerned over buying influence


The Dairy Excel article in the June 5 edition of the Farm and Dairy by Dr. Normand St-Pierre called “Battling the phobia of GMO’s” was an absolute misuse of a psychological term to belittle critics of Monsanto.
Monsanto belongs to ALEC an organization which buys influence for corporations.

As David R. Resnick, Bioethicist, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences explains in his well researched book, The Price of Truth: How Money Affects the Norms of Science, 16% of Ohio State University’s money comes from industry.

The Center For Media and Democracy has a report on Monsanto Monsanto has a history that should concern the discerning. Photos of cows with grossly enlarged udders looking like the denizens of the seediest gentlemen’s clubs would be obvious to any farmer and dismay any consumer.

Why are we allowing companies to buy politicians and universities? As consumers we have the power to cut off the funds to these rogue companies.

Do not buy products from these companies, do not remain silent about “donations” and do not let the sneering go unanswered.

Sensible people should be very dubious of companies which claim they have the right to do anything they want to make money.

The cost to rest of us is too high.

Marilyn K. Hunt
Wetzel County, W.Va.


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