Riceton Farm wins Canfield dairy show


CANFIELD, Ohio – A total of 186 registered Holsteins from several counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania paraded the show arena at the 2003 Canfield Fair.

Sherry Krebs evaluated the entries and named a 5-year-old cow owned and shown by Riceton Farm in Farmdale, Ohio, as senior and grand champion.

The first place senior 3-year-old and intermediate champ, owned by Phillisway Farms of Beloit, Ohio, was reserve grand champion.

The reserve senior champion was the first place 4-year-old cow shown by Steve Hall. Reserve intermediate champion was the first place 3-year-old shown by Phillisway Farms.

More winners. Other class champions include:

Junior 2-year-old cow: 1. Cole/Karns Farm; 2. Kiko Farms. Senior 2-year-old cow: 1. Riceton Farm; 2. Doug and Marty Dye.

Junior 3-year-old: 1. Phillisway Farms; 2. Heidi Moff. Senior 3-year-old: 1. Phillisway Farms; 2. Katey Lora.

Four-year-old: 1. Steve Hall; 2. Phillisway Farms. Five-year-old: 1. Riceton Farm; 2. Ouric Holsteins. Aged cow: 1. Brian Scharver; 2. Lou Ida Farms.

100,000 pound cow: 1. Riceton Farm; 2. Russell Cook and Family.

Dry cow, 3-4 years: 1. Lou Ida Farms; 2. Katey Lora. Dry cow, 5 years and over: 1. Bakers Acres; 2. Lou Ida Farms.

Junior champs. Junior champion went to the first place junior yearling, shown by Phillisway Farms.

Reserve junior champion was the first place intermediate heifer calf, shown by Whiteleather Farms from Minerva, Ohio.

Other junior awards went to:

Junior heifer calf: 1. Lou Ida Farms; 2. John and Suzanne Lora. Intermediate heifer calf: 1. Whiteleather Farms; 2. Bob Durr. Senior heifer calf: 1. Cole/Karns Farm; 2. Shoemaker Dairy Farm.

Summer yearling heifer: 1. Maplewood Farm; 2. Bryan Whinnery. Junior yearling heifer: 1. Phillisway Farms; 2. Riceton Farm. Winter yearling heifer: 1. Whiteleather Farms; 2. John Winchell. Senior yearling heifer: 1. Hycrest Farm and Company; 2. John Winchell.

Junior best three females: 1. Whiteleather Farms; 2. Phillisway Farms.

Other awards. Phillisway Farms took the best bred and owned banner, with John and Suzanne Lora in second.

Phillisway Farms also dominated the dam and daughter class, with Lou Ida Farms following in second. The two farms held the same spots in the senior best three females competition.

Produce of dam awards went to Riceton Farm, first, and Beardsley Family, second.

Ouric Holsteins took the senior get of sire award, followed by Knighthaven Farms.

Four freshened cows all owned by one exhibitor made up the dairy herd class entries, dominated by Riceton Farm with Phillisway Farm in second.

The premier exhibitor banner went to Riceton Farm. Premier breeder was Ouric Holsteins, owned by the Howard Moff family from Canfield, Ohio.

Trumbull County won the award for best county herd.


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