Success at District 7 Holstein Show


WOOSTER, Ohio – Nine Ohio counties were represented at the District 7 Holstein Show July 15. The 98 head of cattle were judged by Loren Elsass of Wapakoneta, Ohio.
The grand champion bull was Con-River Lucky Mel-ET, exhibited by Morlock Farms.
Toppglen Holsteins exhibited the reserve champion bull, Toppglen Precise-ET.
In the open show, The Shannons Conv Feugo, a 3-year-old cow exhibited by David Shannon, took grand champion honors.
The reserve champion banner went to Rupp-Vue Farm for Rupp-Vue Durham Inform, a 2-year-old senior cow.
Rupp-Vue Durham Inform also claimed the top spot in the junior show, where she was exhibited by Gus Rupp.
In the junior show, the reserve champion female banner went to Miley Leduc M Butterfly-ET, a 4-year-old exhibited by Jason Miley.
Spring heifer calf: 1. Jenneil Holsteins; 2. Broad-Vue Holsteins; 3. (first junior) Drew Duncan.
Winter heifer calf: 1. (open and junior) Katelyn Hershberger; 2. (open and junior) Jeff Stryffeler.
Fall heifer calf: 1. Jenneil Holsteins; 2. Broad-Vue Holsteins; 4. (first junior) Neil Duncan.
Summer yearling heifer: 1. (open and junior) Drew Duncan; 2. Fusion and Alright Holsteins.
Spring yearling heifer: 1. (open and junior) Jason Miley; 2. Morlock Farms.
Winter yearling heifer: 1. Morlock Farms; 2. (first junior) Esther Rupp.
Fall yearling heifer: 1. (open and junior) Cody Dudte; 2. (open and junior) Drew Duncan.
In the junior show, the junior champion was Starmark Leduc Essence-ET, the fall yearling heifer exhibited by Cody Dudte.
The reserve junior champion, Rupp-Vue Kite Fracas-ET, a winter yearling heifer, was shown by Esther Rupp.
In the open show, junior champion honors went to Trealayne OA Genevieve-ET, the fall heifer calf shown by Jenneil Holsteins.
The reserve junior champion banner went to Primetime GMD Astro Rosey, the fall heifer calf exhibited by Broad-Vue Holsteins.
Junior best three females: 1. Morlock Farms; 2. Duncan Farm.
Junior 2-year-old cow: 1. Spring Hill Farm Inc.; 2. Morlock Farms; 4. (first junior) Anna Miley.
Senior 2-year-old cow: 1. (open and junior) Gus Rupp; 2. Spring Hill Farm Inc.
Junior 3-year-old cow: 1. Brook Hollow Farm; 2. Spring Hill Farm, Inc.
Senior 3-year-old cow: 1. David Shannon; 2. Morlock Farms.
In the junior show, Gus Rupp exhibited the intermediate champion, Rupp-Vue Durham Inform, from the senior 2-year-old class.
Reserve intermediate champion went to Anna Miley, who exhibited Miley Roy Lee Maisie, a junior 2-year-old.
In the open show, David Shannon earned intermediate champion honors with The Shannons Conv Fuego, a senior 3-year-old cow.
Reserve intermediate champion was Rupp-Vue Durham Inform, the senior 2-year-old shown by Rupp-Vue Farm.
4-year-old cow: 1. (open and junior) Jason Miley; 2. Spring Hill Farm Inc.; 4. (second junior) Paig Meyer.
5-year-old cow: 1. Spring Hill Farm Inc.
Aged cow: 1. Spring Hill Farm Inc.; 2. (first junior) Neil Duncan.
125,000 lb. cow: 1. Spring Hill Farm Inc.
Dry 3- and 4-year-old cow: 1. Morlock Farms
Dry aged cow: 1. Spring Hill Farm Inc.
In the junior show, senior champion was the Miley Leduc M Butterfly-ET, the 4-year-old shown by Jason Miley.
Reserve senior champion was J-Star L-Rae Locust Pia, the 4-year-old exhibited by Paig Meyer.
In the open show, senior champion went to Spring Hill Farm’s Suncrest JP Six, aged cow.
Reserve senior champion was Miley Ledcu M Butterfly-ET, the 4-year old shown by Miley Holstein Farms Ltd.
Best three females: 1. Spring Hill Farm, Inc.; 2. Morlock Farms
Dam and daughter: 1. Spring Hill Farm Inc.
Premier Breeder: Spring Hill Farm Inc.
Premier Exhibitor: Spring Hill Farm Inc.
Best bred and owned by junior exhibitor: Jason Miley
Senior showmanship: 1. Esther Rupp; 2. Cody Dudte.
Junior showmanship: 1. Tanner Topp; 2. Jessica Stevens.


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