Watch the past come alive on historic CD


WHEELING, W.Va. – Today’s technology is bringing yesterday’s memories of the upper Ohio Valley to life.

Wheeling, W.Va., residents Chip West, owner of the Point Overlook Museum and Omni, and Orland Carra, PC specialist and graphic artist, were drawn together by their common interest in the city of Wheeling and the surrounding Ohio Valley and their desire to share their knowledge of the subject with others. These common interests led to the making the first volume of the Wheeling Historic Photo CD set.

Historic CD.

West and Carra partnered to create Historic Enterprises, and produce a compact disk that features 70 historic photos and facts from the 1890s. The photos depict floods, prominent people, important architectural structures and more.

The project started in October of 1999, and the CD was available in December of 2000. Historic Enterprises expects to complete the set with a total of six volumes dating from 1890 to the 1970s. Volume II should be out later in 2001.


* More than 70 photos of the Ohio Valley in the 1890s.

* A historical account of the decade of the 1890s in text and audio format.

* Two screen savers – complete photos of Wheeling, then and now, with background music by the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra.

* A Wheeling heritage tour sites map.

* A Web link page with links to local businesses and tourism Web sites.

“This CD would make a great gift to anyone who has lived here or still lives here,” said West. “New residents in the area may also enjoy learning the history of the place they now call home.”

West says the Ohio Valley played an important part in the history of the United States, and he and Carra chose the 1890s as a starting point because of the many vital events that happened in that decade.

“A lot was happening with the steel industry with the Wheeling Corrugating Company, Wheeling Steel and Iron Company and Whitaker Iron Company,” said West. “With the steel industry came new bridges and a population increase.”

On the CD.

Many Wheeling citizens have helped to produce Volume I. Sally West narrated the historical account of the 1890s. The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Rachel Worby, and the Ohio County Youth Strings permitted some excerpts of their music to be used in the screen savers. The CD was supported and sponsored by many local businesses.

One of the unique features of the CD is its educational value. Several local businesses have shown interest as sponsors, making it possible to provide the CD free of charge to local schools, libraries and educational computer labs.

“It’s important for children to know the history of their city, and where their roots are,” said West.

For information about the CD set visit the Web site or call 304-232-3010.


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