Web site offers nutrient updates in Pa.


University Park, Pa. – Pennsylvania’s Dairy Alliance, in cooperation with Penn State University and USDA-ARS, has developed a comprehensive Web site for accessing resources and reference materials in the area of nutrient management: http://nutrient.psu.edu.

Penn State has developed a user-friendly site that contains four focus areas. The first link, livestock, provides information on what is happening in the areas of water and air quality. The species covered are cattle, horse, swine, and poultry.

Resources are available in the topic areas of crops, economics, health, manure, nutrition, policy, storage, and water.

Current regs. The regulations and planning resources link covers the current laws and regulations in Pennsylvania. Updates on financial assistance and education programs occurring within the state are provided. Certified planners, conservation district staff, and NRCS offices are also listed.

The water and environmental policy site maintains resources that help Pennsylvanians understand environmental policy. Coverage includes agricultural affects on water quality, concentrated animal feeding operations, and total maximum daily loads.

The National Phosphorus Research Project link provides pertinent information about phosphorus and the P-index. The site contains assessment tools for using the P-index.

Getting answers. A listserv has been developed to help disseminate information and address questions that individuals have regarding any area in nutrient management.

An “Ask an Expert” portion is also available. Both of these interactive components are managed by Dairy Alliance and they are designed to provide anonymity to the user.


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