Who won?


The final event in my project year

Today I’ll show my lamb, the fair is here!

I picked my lamb all by myself, from a herd in a farmer’s field

I researched all the qualities, hoping a grand champion it would yield.

Each day I’d clean the pen I’d built, and make sure he had clean water and feed

And take a walk around the block to teach him how to lead.

Before the fair I clipped and scrubbed so he’d be at his best

In hopes that when I showed him he’d be far above the rest.

The big day had come, show time was here, into the ring we went

I know in my heart, this project for me, was time well spent.

No matter what happened, no matter who won

I’ve sure learned a lot and had great fun.

The final event in my project year

Today I’ll show my lamb, the fair is here!

My dad picked out my lamb for me, the son of a show ring star

The breeder promised him this lamb was sure to take me far.

My lamb lives in a fancy shed that my parents for him bought

Dad saw he had clean water and feed even when I forgot.

A man came when we got to the fair, to do what they call fitting

Dad explained that this was best, if the blue ribbon we were winning.

Into the ring they let me take this fancy special lamb

I sure hoped he’d win the blue or I’d be in a jam.

The winner’s were called, I had won the blue

But in my heart I knew it wasn’t true.

My parents were so proud of what I had done

They said good job – for THEY had won.

But as for me, I don’t feel quite fine

Because this project was not really mine.


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