Wild and dangerous in Ohio



What lies ahead for Ohio’s animal owners? What future do we have in this great state? What do the next four years hold for Ohio’s beef, dairy, pork and poultry producers? These questions we cannot answer yet. Ohio’s animal industry lies in the hands of our newly elected governor, John Kasich.

We know that the next director of agriculture is not a happy camper with the animal rights organizations. So what now with the “agreement”? Will Gov.-elect Kasich keep the agreement with the vegan pushing outside special interest group HSUS? This animal owner hopes not, as do many other livestock owners and breeders.

What about the Farm Bureau? Seems they are still supporting it — all 10 stipulations — two of which are outside their state policy. I have written asking them to stand beside the rest of the animal owners in our state, to be more like Missouri’s Farm Bureau and stand against outsiders, but as of this writing, I have received no response.

So what’s next for that outsider group? Will they go for the ballot initiative and hire outside signature gatherers again that lie to Ohioans? Will the director of the Ohio branch claim that statements made against HSUS are “recklessly” attacking them? Probably so but hey, they started this whole thing, didn’t they? They opposed Issue 2 and like a spoiled child when they didn’t get their way, they went for the ballot. And what about Gov. Strickland, will he still ban the animals? Hmmmmm. Hard call on that one. Let’s hope he’s just packing.

Ask yourself, if there is such a problem with exotic animals in Ohio running loose, why would a retired police officer, retired paramedic, retired firefighter who’s been rounding up these alleged wild and dangerous animals for the past 36 years (wow, when did this guy ever sleep) not be showing up in the news other than to promote his movie? Let’s face the fact, the only thing dangerous and running wild in Ohio is the HSUS. And it’s time to catch them in a snare and export them.

Time to join the stand Ohio; join a group like the Ohio Association of Animal Owners (www.oaao.us) that works for all animal owners in this state. Show you support animal welfare, not animal rights. Let’s spay and neuter HSUS — let’s give them “one generation and out!”

Keith Campbell

Frazeysburg, Ohio


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  1. Yeah, let’s keep defending those multinational outsider factory farm corporations that keep running local farmers out of business. Forget about all the local farmers, restaurant owners and local animal welfare and rights groups who were also a part of the Ohioans for Humane Farms ballot initiative. Let’s paint this whole thing as if the HSUS is the problem and not the outsider factory farms that are polluting our land, running our local farmers out of business and needlessly subjecting animals to a living hell.

  2. By the time our government finds out that HSUS is exactly like PETA, NO MORE ANIMAL USE for anything, ever. Vegan to the core! Just a social movement with lots of money from people who believe they are actually helping animals in shelters. Nothing could be further from the truth. I rack my brain trying to see what HSUS has done for any animals, other than cause more deaths of animals as when they worked to close the horse slaughter plants and what happened, many horses died. Now they want to fill the wild horses PZP, to make them sterile……in years to come we will be wondering why there are not more wild horses. Wayne will be standing around saying I just don’t know what happened. He has no idea that his ideas have reprocussions…..or does he. The last governor was voted out because of his association with HSUS, let’s hope that the new governor has some compassion for the farmers and people of his state.

    • I agree! Porcine zona pellucida (PZP), might be the one and only animal-derived product the HSUS endorses. Of course it is a production that could lead to the extinction of an entire group of animals. PZP was tested on horses to learn its effectiveness. Interesting, since the HSUS so openly opposes animal testing for any reason.

  3. Having grown up in Central Ohio in a family of farmers I get so fed up by radical supposed friends of farmers like the author of this article. It is people like him who fight responsible changes in defense of massive factory farm corporations who come in, but out the land and put families out of business. I say it is time to give groups like the farm bureau the boot and take back small farming. I am no friend of HSUS, they are dirty and only care about money, but they are just like the farm bureau, Perdue or any other anti-family farm group. Real farmers, doing the right thing, are caught between these self interested organizations who really don’t care about the farmers or animals.

    As for joining that animal owners group, I would rather shoot myself in the foot. I was raised, by a dairy farmer, to respect all live and that animals were not mere property to be “owned” by me. I was raised as a human!

    • Most animal owners do respect their animals, care for them properly and this includes members of this group. Learning more about it, its mission statement and stance would help understanding.

    • Sue, I also raise farm animals. I am not against the small farmer, I’m standing up for all Animal Owners. The changes being made at the State level are not specific to any 1 group, it’s hurts us all. People must realize that regardless of the animal you breed, sell, keep as a pet, etc. we are all in this together and if we let outsiders (or even insiders without farming knowledge) push on anyone of us, we will all fall.

      The game plan is to take us out 1 by 1 until there are none left. We have to stand up as 1 organized unit, Farmers, pet owners, pet breeders, exotic animal owners/breeders, Hunters, Trappers, All of us. We can do it, we have before but it takes all of us to stand up as 1. OAAO is not biased on what you have and/or breed, it’s about Allowing you have and/or breed the animals you have.

  4. Anyone ignorant to think they will “win” by throwing others under the bus is sadly mistaken. Even the environmentalists spewing hatred for progress at every turn. If it is left to you to provide eggs, meat and dairy for the masses, what is your plan? The vegan agenda promoted by HSUS?

    The ego of the the Dayton policeman is the biggest stake in ‘that’ little game. When an area in close proximity to said egoist has an extremely high number of incidences needing his divine intervention, it leads one to wonder just how the “incidences” really came to be.

    No, the issue isn’t simply HSUS – it is also those supporting the HSUS agenda through their egoist ways, environmental vitriol without looking at the whole picture and those not motivated enough to research information for themselves and get past an emotional knee-jerk response.

  5. Allen-“multinational outsider factory farm corporations”? You know not what you speak of. 99% of all farms are family owned and operated, nationwide and in Ohio. A large modern facility is still family owned. Turn off the TV, stop reading AR Rhetoric, and get out into the country and you will see homes next to these facilities, occupied by the families that own and opperate these farms. Yes, I’m sure many other local Vegan-oriented AR organization follow their “mentor” the HSUS, but what is your point?

  6. @Mark – are you kidding me? 99% of farms are family owned? That highlights the problems facing actual family farms (my family owns and works the farm, not some corporate suit). Just because Don Tyson owns Tyson’s doesn’t mean his operation is family owned, same for Purdue. We need to get rid of this mentality before actually family farms are gone.

    • Sue- You think every chicken house with the name “Tyson”, or another company, is owned by tyson? You think Tyson owns all these facilities? If you know they don’t, then respond to me and explain your statement a bit better. Also, define YOUR definition of family farm for me please…

  7. Mark that is all they know group every one together If you don’t agree then they have 500.000 lie to peoples name on a paper They are going to ballet I say GO GO Go Wayne

  8. Bottom line is HSUS needs to go away.As for the drug they are useing on the wild horses , it seems to me they are trying to wipe them all out and then they can blame it on the BLM.I don’t like the thought of horse slaughter but you are right it needs to be brought back in the USA.Next the HSUA and thier vegan flunkies will be shutting down all slaughter plants cause they say meat is bad for you,it has in a way already started with the first lady telling us what our children can and can’t eat.In the next few years they will have taken out all small farmers and ranchers and most of the large producers of meat,they will have closed down every circus, rodeo and probally zoo in the counter.We have to stand up and fight these people before we have nothing left.


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