Saturday, September 18, 2021
Princess and the Pauper

Princess and the Pauper

The large animal costume contest was held at the Harrison County Fair July 12. The award for most outstanding costume went to Samantha Craig, 12, a member of Buckeye Farmers 4-H club. She and her calf dressed as the Princess and the Pauper. The Harrison County Dairy Board presented a $50 award to Craig for her winning costume.

Other class winners included:


Drew Dawson, 10, as the Pharaoh and Cleopatra (Flashiest Costume)

Addie Caldwell, 5, and Lily Caldwell, 1, as Indians (Most Creative Costume)

Allison Dawson, 13, and her heifer as witches (Scariest Costume)


Grant Sproull, 9, and his goat dressed as hunters (Most Spectacular Costume)

Garrit Sproull, 13 and his goat as Biker Goat (Most Spectacular Costume second place)

Keely Ghezzi, 8, and her goat as baseball players (Outstanding Small Animal Costume)

Kiana Ghezzi, 11, and her goat as ballerinas (Outstanding Small Animal Costume second place)


Zack Jones, 11, and his lamb as Little Richard (Most Original Costume)

Judges were Lauren Knight, Austin Fogle and Chad Dawson, all members of the Harrison Central FFA Chapter.