Classic Roast Turkey With Giblet Gravy



  • 1 12 lb. turkey, giblets reserved
  • 3 tablespoons dried whole poultry seasoning
  • kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • 2 tablespoons butter, softened
  • 3 s chicken or turkey broth
  • 3 tablespoons flour


Heat oven to 400°. Season interior of turkey with 2 tablespoons of poultry seasoning, salt and pepper. Rub butter over the breast and place turkey breast-side down in large roasting pan. Roast 30 minutes, shaking pan after about 20 minutes to make sure that turkey in not sticking to the pan.
Meanwhile cook giblets and neck, seasoned with remaining poultry seasoning in broth, until tender.
Turn turkey over using tongs and oven mitt; ladle off about 1/4 pan drippings and reserve. Reduce oven temperature to 350° and continue roasting until turkey registers an internal temperature of 165°, about 1 3/4 hours more.
When tender, chop cooked giblets into small pieces and remove as much of meat as possible from neck; mix flour with reserved pan drippings and return everything to the broth. Whisk to combine and simmer until lightly thickened.
When turkey is done, transfer to carving board and let rest about 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, skim fat from drippings and stir several tablespoons into stuffing, if desired. Place roasting pan over high heat; add gravy and remaining drippings to pan and scrape up all the brown bits from bottom of pan into gravy; adjust seasoning. Carve turkey and serve with gravy.


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