Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Four Ohio teens have been promoting a bill to designate the barn as the "official historical architectural structure of the state.”

More than 100 barn lovers from Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania took part in the 19th annual Friends of Ohio Barns Conference last month in Carroll County.

Friends of Ohio Barns will host a workshop, barn tour and conference in Carroll County April 26-28. Preregistration is required for each event.

Ashtabula County Barn Quilt Trail is celebrating its 100th barn quilt to be installed in just four years. A documentary about the trail has been created.

The Friends of Ohio Barns featured the rural treasures of Holmes County for this year's conference.

CARROLLTON, Ohio — As a kid, Alan Walter found old barns simultaneously scary — because of the dust and cobwebs — and interesting —...

Most barn fires are caused by three primary things: mechanical/electrical failures, maintenance deficiencies or misuse of equipment.

A Medina County farmer is recovering from a weekend fire that destroyed more than $7.5 million in equipment.

Extreme cold or rapidly changing weather can lower animals’ immune response, leaving them more susceptible to disease.

Curled and mangled steel and a few support beams are all that remain of a bank barn at the home of Loren and Barb Lang in western Holmes County, Ohio, following a barn fire Nov. 17.