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Mules are a healthy hybrid, displaying hybrid vigor, a phenomenon distinguished by superior characteristics far surpassing that of either parent.

Beef cattle producers can use Expected Progeny Differences to help in their decision-making about herd matings.

University of Wisconsin researchers studied genetic parameters for feeding behavior traits and their association with feed efficiency in Holstein cows.

Bryce Angell crafts a poem about how a bull named Chubby found the courage to breed.

Maurice Eastridge breaks down the decision-making process of breeding dairy cattle in this week's Dairy Excel column. Learn what you need to consider.

Close attention to proper semen care and insemination will improve your conception rates when breeding cattle. Learn more about proper techniques.

Tom and Gin Kestell were honored with the Elite Breeder Award and David Harvatine was awarded the Distingushed Young Holstein Breeder.

Select Sires' Holstein bull 7HO11314 Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET (EX-93-GM) has exceeded 1 million units in sales at seven years of age.

ABS Global Inc., a division of Genus plc, launched Sexcel Sexed Genetics, designed to deliver more high-value pregnancies to dairy herds worldwide.

The ultimate goal should be to achieve ideal bull condition for breeding season and start far enough in advance so it's not a sprint to attain it.