Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Grain merchandiser Marlin Clark says only the strong seasonal trend of corn especially to rally after harvest gives us hope for better grain prices.

The U.S. corn crop is now rated 69 percent good and excellent, the national soybean crop is rated 68 percent good and excellent -- and the combines are running.

The crops are ahead of normal in development, well on the way to an early harvest. Here's veteran grain merchandiser Marlin Clark on the current grain market.

The new tax law gives a 20 percent deduction of the gross proceeds for any commodities sold by farmers to a co-op. That is not just huge, it's gigantic.

Another week, and still no good reason to be bullish on these grain markets, says grain merchandiser Marlin Clark.

Our fearless grain commentator, Marlin Clark, is brutally honest this week: "I am looking for something to excite me in the market, and it just isn’t there."

How to calculate carry and begin to formulate your grain marketing plan. John Berry, PSU Extension educator shares his grain marketing advice.

At current corn and soybean prices, the farmers will resist selling as long as they can.

If there is good news in the current grain market, it has to be that we may be making the harvest lows on negative news ahead of the actual harvest, says grain expert Marlin Clark.

Weather and crop condition pushed grain prices dramatically higher on the Chicago Board of Trade this Turnaround Tuesday morning, July 18. Corn is up 12 cents, Soybeans are up about 14, and the wheat is almost a dime higher.