Friday, December 1, 2023
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Deerfield Ag Services has promoted Benjamin Nething to grain merchandising manager.

Rumors of failed trade talks with China and delayed planting are hitting US farmers hard. The Midwest is struggling to get a crop in the ground, and markets tanked on the president's tweets.

Times have been tough on corn, soybean and wheat prices. Grain market commentator Marlin Clark explains why. Spoiler alert: no trade deal with China and delayed planting.

Giving up on news of a deal with China, the grain market is now starting to talk about delayed planting. The latest from our fearless grain commentator Marlin Clark.

Grain traders started to talk about delayed planting. In the first part of April. Out of desperation.

One of the side effects of the current government shutdown is that we are missing much of our fundamental information in the grain markets.

Most soybean farmers are deferring sales, waiting for higher prices.

The three-month trade negotiation period with China comes at a bad time for farmers, as it stretches out the period of our lack of sales of soybeans into the time when new crop beans will become available out of South America.

Ag policy doesn't make sense (except to produce cheap food), says grain merchandiser Marlin Clark in his column this week.

A fair amount of corn and soybeans still remain in the fields in Ohio, but it remains to be seen just when the harvest will finally end.