Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Marlin Clark has been speculating about finding a bottom for grain prices for weeks. Now, it finally appears he has as grain markets rebound.

A freight train of grain is barreling toward 2023/24 markets and farmers everywhere need to prepare for the rockier prices sure to follow in its wake.

Grain prices are trending lower as spring planting continues. Marlin Clark offers his insight in this week's grain markets report.

USDA reports and continued fast planting by Midwest farmers are driving changes in the grain markets. Marlin Clark weighs in on the latest price changes.

After watching the grain markets on May 8, Marlin Clark is nervous that the recent low prices are just a bounce on the way lower.

Marlin Clark has sifted through a deluge of reports of matters that influence grain prices to provide this week's grain markets report.

Planting progress drives the grain markets every spring. Marlin Clark weighs in on where grain prices currently rest and how he expects prices to evolve.

Marlin Clark explains how the markets responded after the USDA Crop Progress report revealed that not much corn and soybeans have been planted yet.

Marlin Clark breaks down fluctuations in the grain markets following two recent  U.S. Department of Agriculture reports.

Farmers plan to plant 92 million acres of corn across the country this year, up 4% from last year, according to the Prospective Plantings report.