Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Temperatures more moderate than forecast for the corn belt have caused grain prices to dip on the Chicago Board of Trade, Marlin Clark explains.

Marlin Clark breaks down price changes in this week's grain markets in light of the Ukrainian port of Odessa opening up and a wetter-than-expected July.

Even grain market analyst Marlin Clask has to deal with the reality that the market is never wrong as he explains this week's commodity prices.

Marlin Clark does his best to break down and explain recent changes in the corn, soybean and wheat markets.

Growing recession fears and already-high futures prices quickly pushed aside the USDA acreage report's and a grain stocks report's bullish news.

Marlin Clark unravels the latest changes in the volatile grain markets and weighs in on the factors contributing to the fluctuations.

The USDA grain stocks report and acreage report revealed fewer acres of corn and soybeans than expected, but the markets didn't respond accordingly.

Alan Guebert breaks down the facts in regards to global conflicts putting pressure on the oil and gas and grain markets.

There is not that much grain out there, and last week’s trading is making it even harder to buy. Marlin Clark weighs in on the state of the grain markets.

Corn and soybean prices are sharply lower in early trading after the June 20 holiday for Juneteenth. marlin Clark weighs in in this week's grain report.