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Nine land trusts, seven counties or townships and 25 Soil and Water Conservation Districts will receive funding to help preserve farmland across Ohio.

Matthew Ruff from Circleville, Ohio, develops corn business that's for the squirrels. It began as an FFA supervised agricultural experience and has grown into a robust online business.

At Southeast Gardens and Urban Farm, in Columbus, Ava Johnson is focused on building a foundation of good agricultural practices and markets, and building up her community.

Holly and Isaac Wiegmann are both the seventh generation of farmers in their families. At Next 7 Organic Farm, they are working to keep the farm sustainable for the next seven generations after them.

The Hidden Acres, Zach and Kristin Herzberger’s farm, is all about using what they have, and making the farm as self-sufficient as possible.

The McCarty and VanTilburg families partnered together on MVP Dairy, in Celina, Ohio. In addition to its focus on conservation, the dairy invites the public to visit and learn about what it is doing through its learning center.

Weston Lombard has spent more than a decade working on turning Solid Ground Farm, a former horse farm, in Millfield, Ohio, into a system that can meet many of his own food needs, and help other people connect with their environment. Native plants that work well with the natural landscape are an important part of that.

'Straight from my hand to their mouth,' says fruit grower Bill Gammie. Quarry Hill Orchards fosters a connection between the fruit they grow and the consumers who love it.

Since Sept. 1, 2018, American soybean exports to China have declined by 80% of the three-year annual average. It will take years to rebuild that market.

Ohio Farmers Union delegates adopted OFU's legislative priorities at the recent state convention in Lima.