Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Ohio Senate Bill 171 and House Bill 282 would do away with regulations around selling oil and gas wastewater to be used as deicer or to control dust on roads.

The Energy Information Administration reported Sept. 1 that production in the Marcellus and Utica shales averaged 31.9 billion cubic feet per day during the first half of the year. That's the highest average for a six-month period since production began in 2008. 

Pennsylvania was within 1,000 billion cubic feet of Texas’ natural gas production levels through the second quarter of 2021, according to the Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office’s quarterly natural gas production report. This is the closest Pennsylvania has ever been to Texas production levels.

Brine from the Redbird #4 injection well in Washington County, Ohio migrated out of its injection zone in 2019 and into several nearby oil and gas production wells. That brine did not affect the private drinking water wells tested, according to a study published by ODNR earlier this summer.

The Pennsylvania DEP fined Sunoco Pipeline’s Mariner East 2 pipeline $85,666 for violations in four counties. According to the DEP, Sunoco spilled more than 400 gallons of drilling fluids into wetlands in Blair, Cumberland and Juniata counties and a creek in Lebanon County.

A subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners was fined $140,000 by the Pennsylvania DEP for a landslide and other violations that happened during the construction of a pipeline in Beaver County. ETP is the same company that owns and operates the Revolution pipeline that exploded in September 2018 in Beaver County due to a landslide.

Fossil fuel consumption was at its lowest level in 30 years in 2020, while energy consumption from renewables hit a record high. While 2020 was not a normal year, the data point to a changing U.S. energy landscape.

Preliminary results of an Ohio State University study show that pipeline installation on farmland negatively impacts crop yields. Soils within the right-of-way also had more rock fragments, lower soil moisture and a higher resistance to penetration, which indicates some amount of soil compaction.

The Pennsylvania DEP is now requiring all landfills to test leachate for radioactive materials commonly found in unconventional oil and gas waste, even though a department study found "no significant differences in radium levels between landfills that accept oil and gas waste compared with those that do not."

In 2020, 7.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas came out of more than 10,000 unconventional wells in Pennsylvania. That’s the largest volume of natural gas produced in the state in a single year, according to the state's annual Oil and Gas Report.