Friday, February 26, 2021
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Following an extensive review, the Pennsylvania DEP has approved pending permit applications for the Shell Pipeline Company Falcon ethane pipeline project.

The West Virginia University Safety and Health Extension and a partner will provide courses to students interested in the oil and gas industry.

Landowners in the Ashland-Holmes-Richland County area should review the lease agreement with Cabot carefully, and consider what they might gain and forfeit by signing.

Second quarter natural gas production from Ohio's Utica and Marcellus shale wells showed a 42.25 percent increase over the second quarter of 2017.

Do you have an oil and gas lease with Chesapeake? Should you give consent to new leaseholder? Find out what's in your best interest moving forward.

The Pennsylvania DEP has issued administrative orders requiring three oil and gas companies to plug 1,058 abandoned oil and gas wells across Pennsylvania.

An energy company with experience in the Marcellus shale hopes to find oil or gas in the Ashland County area.

More than 60 students across Ohio have been awarded $1,000 scholarships to pursue degrees in the oil and gas industry.

TransCanada - Columbia Pipeline Group’s vegetation management plan has local farmers outraged because it takes valuable acres out of production.