Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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The U.S. Department of Energy is offering up to $35 million to develop technologies to reduce methane emissions in the oil, gas and coal industries.

Work is beginning to plug a dozen abandoned oil and gas wells in Cornplanter State Forest, in Forest County, Pennsylvania, the DEP and DCNR announced April 7. Some of the wells are believed to date back to the 1920s.

State and federal regulators levied a nearly $2 million fine against Chesapeake Appalachia for damaging streams and wetlands at 76 gas drilling sites in Pennsylvania. The damages happened across sites in Beaver, Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna and Wyoming counties.

The Biden administration’s actions around oil and gas development, the environment and the climate have created a lot of uncertainty for the industry that employs tens of thousands of people in Ohio and Pennsylvania, oil and gas industry leaders say.

Three bills recently introduced in Ohio seek to stop local governments from limiting the use of fossil fuels. Similar legislation has been proposed or passed in several others states in response to some West Coast cities banning natural gas hookups in new construction.

The decision comes after a ruling last year found the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service failed to adequately consider the environmental impacts hydraulic fracturing could have on Wayne National Forest.

Landowners in Pennsylvania who felt cheated out of gas royalty payments will be paid $5.3 million by Chesapeake Energy, the Pennsylvania AG's Office said.

Annual U.S. natural gas production dropped by 1% in 2020 from the previous year, but production in Appalachia stayed strong.

SB 284 would require developers to post a bond with the state to cover costs related to decommissioning and reclamation and proper recycling or disposal of the project.

Sunoco Pipeline agreed to pay $497,000 to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for spilling drilling fluids into a Lebanon County creek.