Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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The USDA shocked the markets with Prospective Planting and Grain Stocks reports Friday, March 29.

Some farmers are frustrated and complaining that they just have not had good field-drying weather. Then, there are those that got flooded. A planting update.

Scientists have evidence that rotating crops increases yield and lowers greenhouse gas emissions compared to continuous corn or soybean.

December corn futures and July Chicago wheat futures have made new contract highs.

Planting has been slow this spring, but farmers are making good progress, overall.

Planting weather is here, and the markets are responding accordingly.

A hybrid with high adaptability will yield like gangbusters when planted in optimal conditions but may let farmers down in a bad year.

Seedling blights are caused by fungi and fungal-like organisms that are prevalent when cool, wet soil conditions occur during or after planting.

Keep your no-till planter rolling in the field until the last seed drops. Here are some tips and parts to check to prevent breaking down this year.

Not quite ready to leave the shop yet with your no-till planter? Here are a few more tips before you hit the ground running.