Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Jenny Peterson and her 200-pound, 9-point buck, shot in Magnolia, Ohio.

Justin Hart shot this thirteen-point buck in Carrolton, Ohio. This is the largest buck he's bagged.

This 8-point buck was taken down with a crossbow by Jayme Ottena.

Chris Riddick shot this 13-point buck in Carrollton, Ohio.

Robyn Hawthorne shot this coyote on her family's property in Lisbon. The photo was submitted by her mother, Sheryl Hawthorne.

Kurt Mallett shot this 21-point buck with a crossbow on his grandfather's farm in southeast Ohio. It has a 226-inch gross score.

Sam Arisman shot this 11-point buck during the third week of archery season. It has a 16-inch spread. He hunted and harvested the deer on his family farm.

Bill Peto, of Hermitage, Pa., bagged this 10-point buck near Shenango Lake on Nov. 4, 2011.

Terry Jamison of Marlboro Township shot this 10-point buck November 1, 2011, in his backyard. It weighed 185 pounds field dressed.

Jayme Ottena shot her first buck of the season with a crossbow. This photo was taken on her Pennsylvania farm.