Hazard A Guess – Week of Dec. 7, 2000

Hello from Hazard.

The calendar has turned to December, a month of hustle and bustle and cranky people who forget the holiday’s true meaning. Maybe they need to use Item No. 608, which by all readers’ responses, seems to be a foot massager.

We heard that response from Sam Hershberger, Apple Creek, Ohio; Joe Pavlik, Rocky River, Ohio; Larry Romigh, Homeworth, Ohio; and Joe Betz, Library, Pa.

This week’s item comes from Tom Dolence Sr. of Martins Ferry, Ohio. It is about 17 inches long and opens and closes (as photographs indicate). It’s also got some writing on it, but we’ll keep mum on that unless readers really get stuck.

Any ideas? Send your answers to: Hazard a Guess, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460; or via e-mail to: editorial@farmanddairy.com.

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