Thursday, August 11, 2022

One item identified and a new one to twist your brain around. Can you help us identify it?

Take a look at our latest mystery tool and see if you can identify its use.

We seem to have you stumped! Can you name this new item and start a new streak?

Hazard a guess at either of these two antique metal tools. Can you identify them?

Two items were identified this week, and a new mystery to solve. Can you hazard a guess on what it is?

Great job identifying last week's mystery tool! Can you identify this week's antique tool as quickly?

Hazard a guess on our newest antique tool. Can you identify this wooden item?

Can you identify this wooden antique tool? Take a chance and hazard a guess today.

Well done! You solved last week's new item in record time. Can you do it again this week?

Your streak is broken! Can you start a new one by Hazarding a Guess on this new antique tool?