Monday, September 25, 2023
ITEM NO. 1250

We're stumped on Item No. 1250. Tell us how you think it might have been used.
ITEM NO. 1249

Randy Winland, of Prospect, Ohio, submitted Item No. 1249. Do you know what the item is and how it was used?
ITEM NO. 1248

We received some feedback on Item No. 1247 and we're looking for some guidance on Item No. 1248. Do you have any insight to offer, dear reader?
ITEM NO. 1247

We've received some feedback on item Item No. 1246, but the new mystery tool we've received has us stumped. Brian Allman submitted Item No. 1247.
Item No. 1246

Keith Greathouse, of Uniontown, Ohio, submitted Item No. 1246. The jaws open up and clamp down when contact is made.
ITEM NO. 1245

We've received an answer for Item No. 1244, but can you help us with Item No. 1245? It was submitted by John Tarleton, of Salem, Ohio.
Item No. 1244

Teri Horning sent us Item No. 1244 from the Frostville Museum and Historic Village, near North Olmsted, Ohio.
Item No. 1243

Marshall Clark, of Scio, Ohio, submitted the item. He said the top is a swivel. The slotted item on the bottom turns.
Item No. 1242

Sue Leipold, of Hickory, Pennsylvania, submitted Item No. 1242. Help us identify this mystery tool.
Item No. 1241

Item No. 1241. is a tobacco peg used for hand planting. The reader that submitted this item would like help determining what kind of tape was used on it.