Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hello from Hazard-land! I love it when we're on a roll! You all quickly identified Item No. 1115 as a sheet metal crimping pliers. It's...

Hello from Hazard! Gailey Henderson, of Williamstown, W.Va., and David Hodges were quick to email us that Item No. 1114 was a "saddle hammer," or...

This weeks antique item may be a bit obscure. Can you name it?
Hazard Item No. 1112

This antique Mile Craft tool was made right here in Ohio but its use is unknown to us. Can you name the tool and tell us how it was used?

Since we have you stumped on Item No. 1110, we are moving on to reveal a new mystery tool. Can you name this "Chicago-10" antique tool?

How was this Sherwood Brothers Pottery antique item used? Can you hazard a guess and help us solve this mystery?

This week's hazard-ous item was brought into our office, but none of use new how it was used or what it is called. Can you help us identify it?

This week we have a new antique tool for you to guess on. Can you identify this cast iron piece?
Hazard a Guess Item #1107

This mystery antique item was found in the Shiloh Historical Society and no one knows what it is. Can you help them discover the use for this antique tool?

We may have stumped you on identifying the last antique tool, but we have faith that you will get this one. Hazard a guess!
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