Saturday, February 4, 2023

You've done a great job of solving these last couple of mysteries, can you keep it up with this week's newest item?

You solved one mystery antique tool but our newest item is a mystery machine found in a garage. Can you tell us how it was used?

This next item is a metal tool found while metal detecting on a farm, can you identify what it is or how it was used?

You identified two antique tools! Now we have a new mystery tool for you to hazard a guess on how it was used.

Can you help us identify our latest antique tool? Do you know how it was used? Hazard a guess today!

Can you identify this wood and metal antique tool? Hazard a guess today!

We received several guesses on Item No. 1226. Can you confirm which is correct? Also, take a guess at our newest unidetified antique item.

See the correct answer for Item No. 1222 and hazard a guess on our newest mystery antique tools.

Can you tell us what either of these antique metal mystery tools are?

You are on a roll! Can you identify this week's new mystery antique tool?