Monday, April 12, 2021

One item identified as a fish cleaning table, another table remains a mystery and a new metal antique tool mystery has appeared. Can you name any of the them and how they were used?

This table has a roller that moves left to right built into it, can you explain how this antique item was used? Do you know what it is?

Can you explain how this unusual table was used? Is it an antique or not? Help us figure it out in this week's Hazard a Guess.

One mystery has been solved and new one has appeared. Can you name this antique item and tell us how it was used?
Item No. 1162

You identified the barbwire fence tool but can you identify our new mystery metal tool?
Item No. 1161

We have two mystery tools for you to identify this week. Can you hazard a guess on either of them?

While our last item kept you stumped, we hope you'll be able to help identify this antique metal tool.

You solved that last item really quickly! Let's see if you can do it again on our latest antique mystery tool.

Can you identify how this antique tool was used? Hazard your guess in the comments.

You are on a roll! Two mysteries solved, can you keep the streak alive by identifying this mystery antique tool?