Sunday, October 20, 2019

This week's Hazard item comes from Ed Homer of Transfer, PA. Can you help him identify this pair of antique tools?

Keep your Hazard streak alive! This week's new item should keep you guessing for at least a little while. Can you name this spiky tool?

Congratulations! You quickly identified last week's antique item. Can you keep the streak alive and tell us what this antique item is and how it was used?
Item No. 1135

From its pointed top to the trigger that pushes out spikes on the end, this antique could be dangerous! Can you help us identify it?

While we couldn't definitively identify our last item, we are moving on to the next. Can you help bring back our streak by identifying this little piece?

Will this 13-inch metal antique tool remain a mystery or do you know what it is? Hazard your guess in the comments!
Item No. 1132

Keep your streak alive and guess on the new Hazard item for this week. Believed to be a kitchen tool, this antique item could prove to be tricky to identify.

Get in gear and hazard your guess on this week's antique tool. This wheeled/geared metal piece is a mystery its owner would like solved!

Can you give this tool a better name than "dohickey"? Help us solve the mystery of this antique item in this week's Hazard a Guess.

Can you solve this week's mystery and name this antique tool? Hazard your guess in the comments!
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