Thursday, July 9, 2020

Help identify this antique metal mystery tool.
Item No. 1153

Found in a barn, this metal and wood antique tool has its owner perplexed. Can you name what it is?

We have nother new mystery tool for you to identify! Can you Hazard a Guess?

From a butter worker to a mystery tool from KD Tools. Can you name the newest Hazard a Guess item?

Way back in the Dec. 19 issue we said we’d give Item No. 1148 one more week. It’s been more than a week and several...

Can you help us solve this antique mystery? This week's new item, even has an auction house stumped! Will it stump you too?

We can't stump you! You've solved four of the mystery tools, but can you tell us what this week's antique tool is? Can you keep the streak going?

Can you help keep the streak alive? You solved the last two mystery tools, but this one may give you a bit more trouble. Can you name this antique item?

From a spikey tool that has you stumped to a Spiker mystery antique tool, Hazard a Guess is rolling on. Can you name either of them?

With three mystery tools identified, our Hazard-ous readers are on a roll! Can you help keep the streak alive?