Sunday, April 5, 2020

We can't stump you! You've solved four of the mystery tools, but can you tell us what this week's antique tool is? Can you keep the streak going?

Can you help keep the streak alive? You solved the last two mystery tools, but this one may give you a bit more trouble. Can you name this antique item?

From a spikey tool that has you stumped to a Spiker mystery antique tool, Hazard a Guess is rolling on. Can you name either of them?

With three mystery tools identified, our Hazard-ous readers are on a roll! Can you help keep the streak alive?
Hazard Item No. 1143

Congratulations on figuring out out Item No. 1133! Check out its patent! Are you ready to Hazard a Guess on our next mystery tool? Don't let it stump you!
Hazard Item No. 1142

Do we have you stumped? After two weeks of no responses on Item No. 1141, we are adding another antique item for you to chew on. Can you name either item?
Hazard Item No. 1141 - Front

Can we stump our Hazard readers again? Will you be able to name and tell us how this antique wooden tool was used?

The sausage stuffer didn't stump you, but maybe these stacking cans will. Give us your guess on this week's latest Hazard submission.
Item No. 1139

Another mystery item has been revealed, just in time for us to start a new one. This week's tool comes from Baden, PA. Can you guess this mystery antique item's use?

This week's Hazard item comes from Ed Homer of Transfer, PA. Can you help him identify this pair of antique tools?