Sunday, October 21, 2018

This week we have a new antique tool for you to guess on. Can you identify this cast iron piece?
Hazard a Guess Item #1107

This mystery antique item was found in the Shiloh Historical Society and no one knows what it is. Can you help them discover the use for this antique tool?

We may have stumped you on identifying the last antique tool, but we have faith that you will get this one. Hazard a guess!

Help us identify this week's mystery antique tool! This cast iron item comes to us from Blackie Sleeva of Flushing, Ohio.

Hello from Hazard! Well, we received no shortages of o-pin-ions on Item No. 1101, our mystery pin/needle that we’ve featured for several weeks. To recap, last...
Antique pin about 6 inches long with a large rounded opening at the one end.

This antique pin magically appeared in the owner's junk drawer but he has no idea how it is used or what it is from. Can you help us unravel this mystery?

This wooden antique tool has been a mystery for 45 years. Can you hazard a guess?

This antique tool has stumped antique store staff, its owner, the person who sent it to us and even Google, Will it stump you too?

Can you identify Randy Winland's mystery antique item or will this six inch item stump our Hazard fans?

A recently retired Farm and Dairy employee, contributed this next tool to help stump you for a while. Do you know how this antique was used?
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