Farming: The new retirement plan

A new trend is emerging among retirees: starting farms.

Whether a person needs something to do during the long days set aside for relaxation and enjoying life after a 30 year career, or if a person nearing retirement finds themselves out of a job, farming may be the route to find fulfillment and another income.

The Dallas Morning News reports that a third of new farmers are in their mid-50s or older when starting to farm. This statistic shows that it’s never too late to try something new.

Skills from previous careers like business and education prove to be useful for people starting farms later in life, so the transition isn’t all that difficult, even for people who have no knowledge of running a farm.

Via: The Dallas Morning News > Retirees find a new field in farming

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  1. maggie b says:

    That’s what we are doing. With our wealth depleted by the down turn, our home worth less, a farm means we can eat.

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