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We’re running out to get some bacon! Brooklyn resident Susannah Mushatt Jones, a 115-year-old born on July 6, 1899, is now the oldest person in the world. We think it must be the bacon. According to her niece Lois Judge, Jones still eats four strips of bacon every morning, followed with some eggs. Read more from Food and Wine magazine.

The middle is mediocre at best. For the best meals, “go high or go low,” says restaurant and food critic Todd Kliman in The Washingtonian. Translated, that means avoid middle-of-the-road eateries; eat cheap if you must, to save up for really good fare.

[Don’t] hold the anchovies, please. Sooo, the folks at Serious Eats want you to try anchovies. And love them. “Who doesn’t?” they ask. Indeed.

This is why corn is so popular. Corn is in more of what we eat than we realize. It’s in a lot of our poultry, our soft drinks and even our salad dressings, but not even 10 percent of the corn grown in the U.S. is eaten by people. Washington Post gives an overview of corn’s history, beginning when Christopher Columbus took it back to Europe with him in 1493.

Maybe you’d rather not read this. It’s common knowledge that many foods we eat contain artificial colors and ingredients. Now that companies have vowed to include “natural” ingredients in their food, even resin excreted from bugs that eat tree sap is used as a protective layer for candies and other foods. Via Wired.

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