What we’re reading: 8/12

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So, Peeps aren’t just for Easter anymore? The folks at First We Feast tell us there’s a pumpkin spice Peep in the fall lineup, along with caramel apple and candy corn flavored marshmallow chicks. Is nothing sacred? But, hey, lots of brands are reinventing themselves with seasonal varieties. The real question is: Do they joust differently from Easter Peeps?

Get your sweet tooth ready. Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean your s’mores recipes need to. FoodBeast lists 16 s’more recipes, from deep-fried creations and gooey Nutella s’mores to s’mores quesadillas and, of course, bacon s’mores.

Be food label savvy. So frozen pizza rolls can be a “good source of protein”? Um, probably not, unless you have a different definition of “good” than we do. Parents magazine serves us a good reminder about claims on food labels.

Ripe for the picking. If you’re curious to know, the blueberry was first brought in from the wild and tamed in New Jersey a century ago. NPR has the full story.

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