Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Studies show we don't eat enough fruits and veggies, but how can you incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet?

Eggnog is a favorite holiday drink for many people, but because it can be made with raw eggs, today we are discussing if its safe.

Coworkers are gathering together to celebrate the holidays. With these tips, you can ensure your office potluck spreads joy and not illness.

Despite long held traditions in many families, it’s best not to cook your stuffing inside your turkey.
Frozen chicken whole bird

If you are planning to cook a frozen turkey this year for Thanksgiving, you need to make sure that you thaw and cook it safely to avoid foodborne illnesses.

Are those Carmel Apples from Halloween safe to eat? Learn proper storage for these treats to avoid making you or your family ill.

Are you cheating yourself out of great results when you have a cheat day on your diet?

Some foods people eat can be dangerous or even deadly for dogs.

The Maillard reaction occures when heat, proteins, and sugars in food react in a process to create hundreds of different flavor compounds.

My dad considers himself a grill master, but I think some of his techniques are questionable, like marinating the meat in a dish on...