Thursday, November 30, 2023
Eric Keller and a sheep

Comfortably Dumb columnist Eric Keller talks about his mishaps in handling sheep.
cow grazing

Eric Keller discusses the birds and the bees with his young children.
pound cake

Eric Keller gets to the bottom of the mystery behind the pound cake predator in his household.
chainsawing a tree

Eric Keller shares a tale of a brand new chainsaw, a tree and some replacement parts.
sunset on a hay bale

Eric Keller and his family have immersed themselves in homesteading, and they’ve made it past the first couple of years.

Eric Keller shares some of his favorite homesteading authors, admiring their ability to solve problems by thinking outside the box — kind of like he does.
Eric Keller with cattle

Eric Keller is at it again, stirring up laughter with a tale about transporting calves in his family's minivan.
electric fence

Eric Keller put the "just figure it out" method to the test while setting up electric fencing for his cattle and sheep.
Simmental calf

Modern agriculture currently feeds the world, but it doesn't feed Eric Keller's soul, like bottle feeding a calf or harvesting tomatoes with his kids.