Saturday, April 4, 2020
Farming 101

Farming 101

Farm and Dairy is featuring a series of “101” columns throughout the year to help young and beginning farmers master farm living. From finances to management to machinery repair and animal care, farmers do it all.

Discover how record keeping can improve overall efficiency on your farm and make tax season a breeze.
winter farm tractor

Learn more about making preparations for proper storage of farm equipment over the winter.

Carving out time for family meetings gives the whole family an opportunity to address issues that affect the family and farm and, hopefully, resolve a few.

Use these tips to better help you manage time and find a balance between your family and farm.

Family members can be some of the toughest co-workers to have. Check out these tips to open the lines of communication on your family farm.

Quick tips to make firing an employee less stressful for both the employer and employee.

Good help is hard to find. Here are some quick tips for keeping good workers.

Let us help you hire the dream team!

Virtually all employees engaged in agriculture are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act. However, some small farm operations and those with mostly family...

When employing young people on your farm, be sure you know and understand the regulations surrounding their position. Staying current with new guidelines and...