Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Food is the new technological frontier, and big investors are entering the world of food production, distribution and marketing. Farmers should pay attention, says Farm and Dairy Editor Susan Crowell.
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Marlin Clark offers insight on the most recent moves in the grain markets amid President Trump's impeachment hearings, USMCA and the China trade agreement.
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Ohio ag retailers are proactive in finding ways to improve water quality, and not just in Lake Erie: 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Program expands statewide.

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has quarantined cattle from a Tioga County farm after a number of cows came into contact...

U.S. farmers will receive up to $1.15 billion in 2008 advance direct payments.

LONDON, Ohio -- Grain storage and handling can be fatal if the proper safety precautions are not followed. This year's Ohio State University Farm...

WASHINGTON -- Marginal or abandoned crop ground in northeastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania may find new life in a new crop.

ARLINGTON, Va. -- The National Milk Producers Federation's board of directors voted recently in favor of a revised approach to reforming federal dairy policy. The key change allows farmers a choice between receiving the financial protection of a government safety net, or opting out of such protection.
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The Pa. Milk Marketing Board approved two producer pricing orders March 21, including an order establishing the over-order premium at $1.60 per hundredweight through September.

The Andersons Inc. has signed an agreement to purchase a majority of the grain and agronomy assets of Green Plains Grain Company in Iowa and Tennessee.