Stein-way Equipment
Apple Creek, OH
Manufacturer of:
Custom Built Cattle Equipment
*Heavy Duty Barn Gates
*Pasture Gates, (in stock)
Hot Dipped Galvanized 4’ – 16’
Painted 4’ – 20’
*Self-locking Head Gates
*Freestall Divider Loops
*Bale Boss Hay Feeders
for round & square bales
*Feed Bunks w/slant bar or
self-locking head gates
*Fair pens & gates
Also Selling
*DCC Cow Waterbeds
*Miraco Waterers
*Ritchie Waterers
*Easy Way Oilers and
Mineral Feeders
*Winco PTO Generators
*Galvanized Posts, up to 24’
2 7/8”, 3.5”, 4.5”, 5.5” & 6.5”
*401 Stainless Steel Hydrants

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