Justice for the justice department



The nomination of Sen. John Ashcroft as attorney general shows that Bush is serious about cleaning up the justice department.

Veteran lawyers there say that the Clinton administration is the most lawless that they have ever seen. Things were worse in the Harding administration, but they changed dramatically when Harlan Stone replaced the corrupt Harry Daugherty.

John Ashcroft will follow Harlan Stone’s example, cleaning up Janet Reno’s mess. Federal employees who lie under oath will be prosecuted.

The Freedom of Information Act will again be a deterrent to corruption when requests for documents are honored, not stonewalled. Executive orders will be issued for emergencies, not to keep men like the divers that raised the wreckage of TWA 800 from telling all that they found, as did Clinton’s EO 13039.

Donald C. Rupert

Columbiana, Ohio

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