Pumpkin Cake and a Poem


Not long ago, I wrote about my last picnic of the year and how I shared my Jell-O with a bee. The Jell-O was left over from a garden club meeting where the hostesses also served a wonderful pumpkin cake. My friend, Vylee, who made the dessert, happened to be seated at my table of four. I told her how much I liked her cake.

Not long after, a small, first-class envelope appeared in my mail. I don’t know about your mail, but that kind of correspondence in my mail becomes more rare all the time. Most of my mail usually has to be shuffled to file 13 and the sooner the better. How many millions of us endure this scenario and why don’t we (can’t we?) do something about it?

Being so pleased by getting the little envelope of personal mail, I was reminded that I should try harder to follow up on correspondence to do the same for others. I opened it to find that Vylee remembered to send me the recipe for her cake.

Pumpkin desserts abound this time of year, as one would expect, but this cake was outstanding to me because of its light texture. It was made in a thin layer on a sheet pan, and the cream cheese frosting was not as heavy with cheese as some icings. Very light and creamy, it was spread in a thin layer that complemented the cake but did not overpower it.

Note that this cake is featured this week in Cooks’ Corner. It may not be so different from other pumpkin cakes you’ve tried, but see if you agree with me; it’s right up there with the better ones.

I plan to make two pies for our small family Thanksgiving gathering, one Dutch apple and one no-frills pumpkin. I’ll buy a tub of whipped topping and my family and I will float along with the dollops of white on a sea of sugar, carbs, and great coffee.

After eating pumpkin cakes and pumpkin pies along with our other holiday foods, we should enjoy some good reading. (OK, some of you may want to watch television.) A blessed Thanksgiving to you.

Thanksgiving Time

When all the leaves are
off the boughs,

And nuts and apples
gathered in,

And cornstalks waiting
for the cows,

And pumpkins safe
in barn and bin,

Then Mother says,
“My children dear,

The fields are brown,
and autumn flies;

Thanksgiving Day
is very near,

And we must make
Thanksgiving pies!”

Author Unknown

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