Read It Again (Week of Oct. 19, 2000)


80 years ago this week.

Unable to find men to cut their fields of corn, farmers in Fayette, Clinton, Highland and Madison counties have arranged to turn out 10,000 or more hogs from Ohio and neighboring states into the fields to harvest the corn.

Sen. Ellison D. Smith of South Carolina urged farmers to strike until they are given credit extensions by the federal reserve board. But Benjamin J. Marsh, representing the farmers’ national council which favors an amalgamation of labor in the cities with the producers in the country, declared it was “silly” to talk about an nationwide strike of farmers. “Let’s not talk like a lot of wild bolshevists,” Marsh said.

50 years ago this week.

A group of 39 young Danish, Dutch, and French farmers, foreign farmer trainees under a Marshall Plan project, stopped at Lancaster, Pa., en route to the second half of their seven-month stay as “working guests” on American farms. They were in Lancaster to find out about new kinds of farm equipment and to see how cattle feed is produced. Four of the young farmers from Holland will spend the next few months on Pennsylvania farms.

25 years ago this week.

The first report of an unidentified flying object in several months was reported to the Sheriff’s Office last week. Earl Cline, Tower Rd., Dorset, Ohio, reported he saw an unidentified flying object about 45 degrees above the horizon. Cline said it had one clear light in the center with a red light on top and a green colored light. It remained stationary.

Sheriff’s deputies confirmed they saw the object. The UFO was confirmed by an operator at the Youngstown Airport. The airport operator said he did have something on their screen for about five to six scans.


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