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Yearly Archives: 2019

stress management

A new webinar series will help women in agriculture cope with stress.
Lora Current, Ohio Fairs' Queen

This year's Ohio Fairs' Queen hails from Champaign County, where she is active in her 4-H club and the county fair.
farmer party

2018 was a rough year for dairy farmers. That's why a group of them in northwestern Pennsylvania decided to end the year on a higher note and party.
soybeans at sunset

Most soybean farmers are deferring sales, waiting for higher prices.
Giner and turmeric

Use these tips to work commonly used spices with proven health benefits into your diet.
Dehan and Rebecca Courtney

Dehan Courtney, 33, and his wife, Rebecca, 30, of Mercer, Pa., run Logging with Horses and have a growing herd of Brabant draft horses.
Kasich building naming

The Ohio Expo Center and State Fair celebrated the re-naming of one of the newest buildings, named after Gov. John Kasich.
Action Lake study

A new study examines how the switch to conservation tillage has impacted Acton Lake over the past decades.
roasted vegetables

Adopting healthy eating habits and exercising more does not have to be extreme. Try these three simple tips to meet your goals in 2019.
Farm marketing banner

Better marketing makes more sales, boosts revenue, and increases farm income. The following are three ways to elevate your farm marketing in the new year.