Tue., March 28, 2017 at 7:00pm


Tue., March 28, 2017 at 12:00am

Event Venue

Salem Public Library

821 E. State St.

Salem, OH



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Lisa Genova’s book, Inside the O’Brien’s, has been chosen for the book discussion to be held on March 28, 2017 beginning at 7pm in the library’s Quaker Room located at 821 E. State St., Salem, OH 44460. The book tells the story of Joe O’Brien, a forty-four-year-old police officer from Charlestown, Massachusetts. A devoted husband, proud father of four children in their twenties, and a respected officer, Joe begins experiencing bouts of disorganized thinking, uncharacteristic temper outbursts, and strange, involuntary movements. He initially attributes these episodes to the stress of his job, but as these symptoms worsen, he agrees to see a neurologist and is diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. Huntington’s is a lethal disorder with no treatment and no cure. Each of Joe’s four children has a fifty percent chance of inheriting their father’s disease and a simple blood test can reveal their genetic fate. While watching her potential future in her father’s worsening symptoms, twenty-one-year-old Katie struggles with the questions this test imposes on her young adult life. Does she want to know? What if she’s gene positive? Can she live with the constant anxiety of not knowing? As Joe’s symptoms worsen he struggles to maintain hope and a sense of purpose, while Katie and her siblings must find the courage to either live a life “at risk” or learn their fate.
During the book discussion time share your thoughts and questions about the kind of health dilemma that can affect any family. Focus on the reactions of each family member and note their strengths and weaknesses. Explore the courage needed to face this type of family struggle. Dig deep into the author’s writing for insight into the human heart.
Available copies of this book may be found in the Adult Circulation Department of the library. Participation in the book discussion is open to the public and there is no cost to attend.