A farmer can appreciate the ‘arts’


To the Editor;

I am writing in response to a comment appearing in our local newspaper’s Notable Quotable section last week. The comment I wish to address comes from Lake County Commissioner, Robert Aufuldish. The commissioner stated, “They’re a bunch of farmers.” This reference concerned a sales tax request recently turned down by Summit County voters, which if approved would have supported the ‘arts.’ This broad-brushed comment affects me directly as I do a bit of farming. Am I to understand that an elected official considers those of us who choose to farm are unsophisticated country bumpkins?

Aufuldish has an open invitation to visit my farm for a taste of the so-called ‘arts’ as I enjoy them. Come on down during haying time in July and marvel at the powerfully moving ballet in the fields. The choreography between men, machine and muscle is every bit as graceful as the Nutcracker.

Perchance the amazing still-life vistas I enjoy every single day may qualify as an appreciation of the ‘arts’. Nature paints with color and hue which Renoir and Monet could only hope to emulate. I get a new exhibition every time the season changes. Granted, a visit to Cleveland’s Art Museum is wonderful, but given the choice I’ll look out my back door and marvel at Mother Nature’s spectacle.

Finally, maybe as a hayseed farmer I could use the social enlightenment of a symphonic performance by Cleveland’s Orchestra. I’m sure it would stir my soul, but remarkably I can sit quietly along the bank of my creek and listen to the music of the water and the wind and feel equally moved.

Farming doesn’t often allow bumpkins such as myself the opportunity to park the John Deere, pull on some clean overalls and make it into the big city for a dose of culture and the ‘arts’. I will resolve in the new year to work on my social deficiencies provided Aufuldish will resolve to consider the source of all the lovely produce at the supermarket.

James J. Sasak

Madison Township, Ohio


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