Above-average precipitation frustrates farmers


MILLPORT, Ohio – The abundant rain continued in November, as 3.12 inches fell at U.S. weather observer Edwin R. Copeland’s station in southern Columbiana County.

That’s well above his historical average of 2.57 inches for November.

“This makes five months with above-average rainfall,” Copeland said. “The farmers are having a hard time harvesting their crops where the ground has heavy soil.”

He’s already recorded more than 13 inches above the average rainfall for 2003, and there’s still December to go.

Good news. A ray of good news was the above-average sunshine and temperature during November. Copeland recorded an average temperature of 44.6 degrees, compared to his 111-year historical average of 40.3 degrees. There was 36 percent sunshine for the month.

The high at his Millport station was 79 degrees, recorded Nov. 4. Temperatures dipped to 15 degrees Nov. 10.

The first snow, half an inch, fell Nov. 28.


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