Ag Progress Days will be at its largest this year


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Since it’s the state’s largest outdoor agricultural exposition, many people point to Penn State’s Ag Progress Days
, Aug. 16-18 at Rock Springs, Pa., as a multifaceted testimony to the vibrancy of Pennsylvania agriculture.
And the numbers may support that claim.
Record-setting. This year’s exhibitor enrollment will surpass last year’s record total of commercial exhibitors, with as many as 65 exhibitors appearing at the exposition for the first time.
And, Manager Bob Oberheim said there is a very good chance of “maxing out” the 55-acre show site.
“Our indoor exhibit space is almost completely full, and we’ll be adding almost a whole new exhibit street to handle the new outdoor exhibitors,” he said.
“About 375 exhibitors is the maximum for our site, and we’ll be very close to that number this year.”
Farming affects everyone. This year’s theme in the College of Agricultural Sciences Exhibits Building, “Engineering for YOUR Life,” emphasizes the huge role that agricultural and biological engineering play in our everyday lives.
Special exhibits will demonstrate engineering innovations from the field to the final product, including new technologies to ensure the safety and security of workers and the food supply.
Exhibits will also cover the development of sustainable solutions for agricultural production, renewable energy and the environment.
More activities. Other events and displays at the exposition include:

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