Animal ‘rescue’ actually endangered all



Recently, WBNS-TV Channel 10 in Columbus reported “The Hidden Camera Video the Egg Industry Doesn’t Want You to See,” an expose about the “animal rescue” at two local egg farms.

The Ohio State Grange, founded in 1873 and serving over 13,500 members statewide, is extremely concerned about the fact that Channel 10 chose to exploit illegal entry onto private property. A local activist group that opposes animal agriculture production and the use and consumption of animal products is simply promoting its own agenda: a vegan lifestyle.

Not only does this type of illegal entry of private property represent a violation, but by gaining illegal entry onto any type of livestock farm, poses a serious threat to both humans and animals that cross their paths. With agroterrorism a serious concern in America, groups such as those reported on Channel 10 are putting all of our food sources and us at risk with their “hero” type antics. These groups obviously pay no attention to biosecurity measures, therefore risking not only the “rescued” animals but healthy animals and humans alike.

This is all the more reason to develop strong biosecurity measures to protect Americans.

Laddie F. Marous Jr.

Ohio State Grange Master

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