Ashland County Fair livestock auction results


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Number of Market Lots: 60
Average: $1.42/pound with champions; $1.35/pound without

Grand champion: Kelsey Litten
Bid: $4.25/pound Weight: 1,285 pounds
Buyer: McKay Hardwoods

Reserve champion: Kyle Nickles
Bid: $2.25/pound Weight: 1,342 pounds
Buyer: John Peck

Grand champion bred and raised: Jerad White
Bid: $1.40/pound Weight: 1,362 pounds
Buyer: Harris Auto Center

Rate of Gain: Alicia Smith


Grand champion: Courtney Eichelberger
Bid: $1.60/pound Weight: 1,405 pounds
Buyer: John Peck

Rate of Gain: Dylan Esselburn


Number of Lots: 45

Grand champion: Kelsey Litten
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 1,389 pounds
Buyer: Fin, Feather, Fur Outfitters

Reserve champion: Jesse Elson
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 1,285 pounds
Buyer: Wendy’s

Rate of Gain: Nicole Walter Turk


Number of Market Lots: 228

Grand champion: Sarah Grim
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 278 pounds
Buyer: Stephen Torski

Reserve champion: John Nelson
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 274 pounds
Buyer: Farmers State Bank


Number of Market Lots: 67

Grand champion: Jacob Stitzlein
Bid: $20/pound Weight: 125 pounds
Buyers: Simonson Builders, Bachus, White Auctioneers and Coldwell Banker

Reserve champion: Emily Massie
Bid: $15.50/pound Weight: 124 pounds
Buyers: Dilgard and Associates and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels


Number of Market Lots: 24

Grand champion meat wether: Riley Carpenter
Bid: $4.25/pound Weight: 102 pounds
Buyer: Stephen Torski

Reserve champion meat wether: Ryan Humrichouser
Bid: $3.50/pound Weight: 114 pounds
Buyer: John Peck

Grand champion dairy wether: Mac Buzzard
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 76 pounds
Buyer: First Choice Truck and Trailer

Reserve champion dairy wether: Melanie Fitch
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 98 pounds
Buyer: Resinger Hay and Straw

Rate of Gain: Riley Carpenter


Number of Pens of Three: 38

Grand champion: Kayla Eichelberger
Bid: $225/pen Weight: 12.11 pounds
Buyer: Harpster, Vanosdol, Findlay Attorneys

Reserve champion: Dylan Banfield
Bid: $220/pen Weight: 11.02 pounds
Buyer: Farmers State Bank


Number of Pens of Four: 19

Grand champion: Shawnee Koch
Bid: $200/pen Weight: 27.36 pounds
Buyer: Farmers State Bank

Reserve champion: Felicia Spidel
Bid: $200/pen Weight: 27.66 pounds
Buyer: SASCO Specialty Advertising


Number of Lots: 15

Grand champion: Christine Ritchie
Bid: $360/bird Weight: 41.5 pounds
Buyers: Stoops Indian Bread and Gerald and Ada Sue Workman

Reserve champion: Todd Brennstuhl
Bid: $250/bird Weight: 39.14 pounds
Buyer: MACK Driving School

Auctioneers and Ringmen:
Dave Acker, Mark Bachus, Andy White, Dave Geighty, Tom Dilgard and Bill Stepp

Grand and Reserve Champion livestock projects

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