Monday, April 12, 2021
blueberry bush cutting

Learn how to get a cutting from a blueberry bush off to its healthiest start by meeting all of its growing requirements when you plant it.
Spotted Lanternfly

Research is helping develop strategies to monitor and trap the spotted lanternfly, which is confirmed in 34 Pennsylvania counties and several nearby states.
photos of three guys

Bill Patterson, of Chesterland, Ohio is the new president of Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. He took over after Frank Burkett resigned to stand for election for the Nationwide board of directors.
Beef Expo sale ring

The 33rd Ohio Beef Expo was March 18-21 at the Ohio Expo Center, in Columbus. Get the full recap here.
asphalt cracks

The $2 trillion American Jobs Plan throws big money at broadband, energy infrastructure improvements, workforce development and clean energy research. Environmental groups lauded the plan, while the oil and gas industry felt left out in the cold.
people play board games together

The Grange has a unique history and role in rural communities, but it's struggling to retain and attract new, younger members.
Lake Erie water

A recently introduced bill in the Ohio House aims to deregulate ephemeral waters, following changes at a federal level last year. The bill covers “ephemeral features”: streams, wetlands, ponds and other waters that don’t have water year round and mainly exist after precipitation, like rain or snow.
dairy cows

An antiquated regulation on milk freshness labeling is holding back the Pennsylvania dairy industry, state lawmakers say. Right now, milk processed in Pennsylvania must be labeled with a “sell by” date of 17 days from the date of pasteurization

Dandelions are nutritionally valuable, support digestion and absorption of minerals and help the lymphatic system and urinary tract function.
A barn behind a field.

The USDA will dedicate at least $6 billion to the new USDA Pandemic Assistance for Producers, and will also distribute aid that was put on hold or newly allocated in the Consolidated Appropriations Act.