Sunday, May 28, 2023
Fulton County farm

Thomas A. Herr, Jr. and Jennifer M. Herr in Fulton County have become the sixth Ohio farm owners to join the Farmland Preservation Program this year.
tick up close

Lyme disease affects more than 475,000 people annually. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.
dave brandt, a guru in no-till farming practices, stands wearing blue jean bib overalls in a field of sunflowers

Brandt, of Carroll, Ohio, a national leader in regenerative farming practices, died May 21 from injuries sustained in a car crash May 18 in Illinois.

How a 17th century question of how the brain works shows what's important when it comes to communicating with dogs well.
eastern carpenter bee

Damage to manmade structures can be prevented without harming eastern carpenter bees when their behavior and their lifecycle are taken into account.
epa logo

The Chemours Co. has been ordered to take corrective measures to address pollution in stormwater and effluent discharges from a facility near Parkersburg.
Corn planting

This spring, phosphate supplies were tight throughout the state and shortages were reported across southwest Ohio between Cincinnati and South Charleston.
Morgan Giles, Curtis Bechtel, Vicki Kauffman and Ray Heithaus

Curtis N. Bechtel, in Knox County, and Ronald S. Rickly, in Fairfield County, become the seventh and eighth Ohio farmers to join the program this year.
three people in business casual wear stand in a greenhouse talking to a woman in a floppy hat

Through the Organic Market Development Grant Program up to $75 million will fund projects to improve markets for domestically-produced organic goods.

A new study led by Penn State researchers analyzed U.S. farming counties to help policymakers better understand the diversity of farms and their needs.