Atwater Kent radio 5 sells for $7,500


WHEELING, W. Va. – Auctioneer Richard Estes, owner of Estes Auctions in Medina, Ohio, held a living estate auction for Larry Anderson, program manager of WWVA, a country radio station in Wheeling, W.Va.

The April 20 auction was Anderson’s private collection, which was displayed in the radio station’s lobby.

Bidders from 15 states and South America attended the event.

An Atwater Kent model 5 sold for $7,500; a Sentinel Catalin (push button), $4,300; an Emerson 245 Catalin, $5,750; a Hudson Ross 3 Little Pigs Radio, $4,000; FADA 1000 bullet blue, $4,000; FADA L-56, $4,100; Sparton Blue Mirror Sled, $3,000 and a Motorola 50XC brought $4,000.

“Voice from the sky” speaker raked in $2,700; Sonora Catalin $3,300; RCA 9TX4 Catalin, $2,300; RCA 77 DX Microphone, $2,000; Tom Thumb Catalin Yellow, $3,400; Brush McCoy Crystal set, $1,900; General T.V. Green, $1,600 and a Addison 5A3 was bought for $1,500.

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