BSE cow was from Texas herd


WASHINGTON – A beef cow infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, came from a Texas herd.
The USDA, FDA and Texas Animal Health Commission announced the DNA test results June 29.
The 12-year-old cow, born and raised in Texas, was tested for BSE after arriving at a Texas pet food plant for slaughter.
This is the second case of BSE in the United States.
Investigation. State and federal officials are identifying other animals within the source herd that were born the same year as this animal, or born the year before or year after.
“If the age of the animal cannot be pinpointed, then we may expand our inquiry to include all animals in this herd before the feed ban went into place in 1997,” said John Clifford, USDA chief veterinarian.
Investigators are also looking at the animal’s offspring born within the last two years.
All of these animals will be tested for BSE. Animals potentially exposed to BSE will be euthanized, said Bob Hillman, Texas state veterinarian.
Caused by feed? Because of the animal’s age, officials believe it was infected by eating feed prior to the implementation of the ruminant-to-ruminant feed ban that went into place in 1997.
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