Can you salvage frost-damaged plants?


SPRINGFIELD, Ohio – Garden plants and some trees throughout Ohio may have suffered freeze damage from the recent cold snap, but steps can be taken to help plants bounce back to their lush and vibrant green selves.
A sudden drop in temperature, as low as 20 degrees F, followed a period of above-average 80-degree temperatures across Ohio. The change in weather set the stage for the potential for plant injury.
Injury signs. “Obvious signs of injury to flower petals were visible within a few days. Damage to foliage is still showing up and damage to branches, stems and woody tissue may not become evident until it gets warmer,” said Pam Bennett, an Ohio State University Extension horticulturist in Clark County and the state coordinator for Extension’s Master Gardener program.
“The amount and significance of the damage is species-related, as well as to the particular growth and development stage of the plant when the freeze occurred. Species in some areas of the state experienced damage while others had none.”
Steps. Individuals can take steps to help plants recover from damage as the spring season progresses:


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